Széchenyi 2020
Tercia Hubertus


The third member of the Tercia network, known as Hubertus, is located on the hill of Vienna, 5 km from the border crossing, on the main road bypassing the city. The “old” Hubertus was a popular restaurant with soldiers, hikers, hunters, and many weddings and family events were held there. The past, patina and reputation of the restaurant are of course the most important to us, the owners and the employees alike.

To this day, local and foreign guests like to visit our restaurant, because they can feel like they are in a forest hunting lodge. Surrounded by indigenous trees, the building offers a comfortable environment even on the hottest of days. The restaurant seats 320 people and the terraces seat 60-60 people, and their function rooms offer a practical solution for family and intimate events. Due to the nature of the hunting lodge, guests like to try the dishes made from game meat, as well as the local specialty, the crispy duck leg or the Hungarian poppy seed cake.