Széchenyi 2020
Tercia Partyservice / Catering Sopron

Party service

Tercia offers everything you can imagine when it comes to organizing events. It combines catering and classic event management services. With our event organization service, you can create the event exactly as you dreamed. Be it a corporate event, wedding, ball, birthday, opening and inauguration, standing reception, conference or garden party.

We can safely say that we are a leader in the west region in the world of party services. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a standing reception, a planted dinner, a birthday or a baptism, we handle every event with expactional expertise, every time. The budget we provide is accurate and transparent, there are no hidden costs. We are constantly expanding our toolkit, but even with our already impressive inventory we can serve 1000 up to 1500 people at a time.

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Family events

Our team has already organized countless birthdays, baptisms, garden parties. If you don't feel like standing in the kitchen all day, it's our turn! Let's plan the menu together and all you have to do is enjoy it! You don’t have to worry about whether the soup has become salty or whether the french fries will be enough.

We organized roughly 50 family events each year, both small and large.

Corporate events

If you want to thank your colleagues for their year-round cooperation, trust and perseverance with a cozy, high-quality dinner / lunch, you are in the right place! We offer a unique gastronomic experience, whether it is a plate service or a buffet service.

The most important and reassuring thing for us is when our customer really feels like a guest at their own event.

We organize 30-50 corporate events a year.

Wedding service

Outdoors weddings are usually chosen by couples if, for some reason, the wedding party does not fit inside, but they want to stick to a specific service provider. Usually we are it!

The restaurant chain, which dates back several decades, offers a solution to this problem, as we can provide catering services in almost all kinds of outdoor venues, from the agape following the ceremony, to the champagne toast until midnight dinner, but we can also assist with the next day’s crumb party. We offer couples unique, personalized deals to make everything perfect on the Big Day.

In addition to the catering service, we also undertake the arranging of tables, chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery, counters, warmers and other equipment necessary for the wedding, so you do not have to deal with this separately.

We take the burden of dining off your shoulders, just enjoy your day!